The Mont-Dauphin fort Les Orres Hotel - Sunêlia Les Logis d'Orres in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes region
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- The Mont-Dauphin fort Sunêlia Les Logis d'Orres
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The Mont-Dauphin fort

The fortified town of Vauban in Mont -Dauphin was entirely built by Maréchal Vauban on orders of Louis XIV following the invasion of troops from the Savoie Duchy in 1692. It is built in the shape of a star on the precipitous arid plateau known as “thousand winds”. It defended both Provence and Dauphiné by cordoning off access to the Durance valley from Italy. It was listed in 2008 as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Le fort de Mont-Dauphin, 05600 Mont-Dauphin


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